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Environmental Club celebrates Earth Day

Krystal Gonzalez, Photo Editor

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Christine Jimenez
Grade: 12
Age: 17
Position: President of the Environmental Club

1. What is Earth Day about?
Earth Day is about spreading awareness towards environmental issues and motivating individuals to take action against such issues in whatever way they can. It also serves as a reminder to people to be appreciative of the planet that we live on.

2. Do you feel Earth Day is underrated?
I feel that Earth Day is underrated compared to the attention received by other holidays. Earth Day should receive more widespread attention as the issues faced by our planet are extremely important

3. In your opinion, what are some steps people can do to improve the environment?
There are a large variety of simple steps that one can take in their daily lives. These include using reusable bags, changing your light bulbs to energy efficient ones, turning off your computer at night, eating vegetarian once a week, buying locally, using a reusable water bottle, taking a shorter shower, buying at thrift shops, etc. Big or small, it is important that we follow these steps as they can truly can make a difference.

4. Are there any upcoming events related to Earth Day or the environmental club?
The Santa Monica based organization Heal the Bay hosts beach clean-ups on the third Saturday of each month. We also do Uni beach clean-ups at the Santa Monica Pier. There will also be a school beautification day on campus on April 16. Students who bring a parent, sibling or friend will receive double hours. This event will be hosted by leadership. On Earth Day, we will have a guest speaker, post tips to be green around the school and have people write pledges to be green.

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Environmental Club celebrates Earth Day