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Public Education Funds Looted Away

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Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ blatant refusal to answer most of the Democrats’ questions during the Senate confirmation hearing on Jan. 17 rang alarms for supporters of both public and private schools. Unfortunately, this bright warning signal correctly foreshadowed the bleak future of America’s education department. In addition to Trump’s detestable blueprint of cutting funds up to $9.2 billion away from the Education Department, DeVos plans to take money away from public schools to encourage her agenda of school choice.

DeVos’s mission to cut funding for public schools, like Uni High, will dramatically affect our lives. To low-income students, school is a safe haven. The, admittedly, mediocre Breakfast in Classroom and lunch can be the only reliable meals a student has during the year. In addition, DeVos’s plans of cutting public funds means no after-school programs or summer programs. For many within the LAUSD district, LA’s Best was an afterschool program that students remember attending until 6 p.m. because their parents could not afford a costly and trustworthy afterschool program. Furthermore, according to a report on 21st Century Community Learning Centers, “(afterschool programs receiving federal funds) showed that 45 percent of all participants improved their reading grades and 41 percent improved their math grades.” To take away funding from these critical programs would mean that the federal government is clearly abandoning the future of low incomes students in exchange for the richer students. After all, this prejudiced system will continue to oppress the poor by denying them an education that allows an opportunity break out of the cycle of poverty.

The battle for education is not over yet. As students under the public school system, it’s our job to get involved starting in the local community in various ways: volunteering and supporting after school programs, public libraries, public schools, and other organizations geared towards helping kids in need. Most importantly, during the midterm elections, be aware of which senators and public officials voted away the students’ right to a quality education.

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Public Education Funds Looted Away