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Why you should join journalism

Faith Corpuz

Faith Corpuz

Drew Hatcher, Staff Writer

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Dear Underclassmen,

If you have the opportunity to take Journalism next school year, then you will not regret it. Although I was only in Journalism for one school year, it had to be the class that shaped my character the most. Journalism has improved my writing skills, communication skills, and allowed me to meet amazing people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met.

If you’re skeptical about this class because of the work load then you don’t need to worry. I was taking three AP courses while in this class and was still able to manage the workload. Actually, one of my favorite aspects of this class are the deadlines and the time it gives you to study or do work for any other classes if you finish your work early. Every week there is a deadline to meet, which is more than enough time to finish any assignment you receive.

In this class you’ll be covering stories from entertainment to news, and trust me there’s a category you’ll want to write about. You can even change what page you write for every issue so you’ll never get bored of writing the same content. Also, the stories you can write about have infinite possibilities of what you can do, as long as it maintains relevance. While writing these stories, you’ll find it fascinating to learn the things that go on locally and globally and you will be more informed. Even if you’re not a good writer, this class will help you improve.

These stories often require photos so you can brush up on your photography skills if you feel that your writing skills aren’t the best. One of the best parts about being a photographer is that you get to attend school events for free. Personally, I only photographed a few sports games but it was definitely a fun experience to support our teams while getting work done. My favorite thing about this class though would have to be the freedom you have when it comes to giving yourself a voice. Journalism is a class that everyone should take because it’ll help you throughout your education and in society.


Drew Hatcher

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Why you should join journalism