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New year, new classes

Sebastian Orozco, Staff Writer

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Photo by Ariana Silva.
The new class of nanotechnology will include plenty of labs and hands-on-experiments.

While summer vacation approaches, the administration is already planning the start of the next school year.  Science teacher and swim coach Ariana Silva will be teaching nanotechnology, one of the new classes being offered next year.

Nanotechnology is a class that focuses on size. The name itself means anything that has a size range of 1-100 nanometer. This is about the size of a strand of DNA. As of right now, the class will have around 20 people, but the goal is to have a total of 34 students. Silva will be preparing lectures, labs and research over the summer.

“Nanotechnology is an important topic to study because it investigates how properties of materials change when they are at the nanoscale,” Silva said. “These ideas can then be applied to subjects such as medicine, pollution, energy conservation, and material science.”

AP Capstone is another set of classes that will be introduced next year.  Counselors have currently enrolled 65 students. Taught by Nancy Phear and Tascha Folsoi, AP Capstone will be comprised of 2 classes, AP Seminar and AP Research. The program will span 2 school years. According to the College Board, AP Capstone “cultivates curious, independent, and collaborative scholars and prepares them to make logical, evidence-based decisions.”

“Students will have a choice of what they study,” Phear said. “The main points of the class are research, argumentation, collaboration, and communication.”

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The student news site of University High in Los Angeles, California
New year, new classes