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Senior Contract: What is Going On?

Paola Laris, Photo Editor

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When the class of 2018 came back from summer break, students had questions and concerns about what happened to the senior contract, and the administrator in charge, Dan Blank.

The terms of the senior contract also came to a surprise to the senior faculty advisors. Class of 2018 Advisor Karli Orr said she would be given a chance to review the contract before it was given to the seniors and their parents on Aug. 23. However, that was not the case. After Blank’s departure, Lopez worked with other administrators and got the final approval by principal Eric Davidson.

The contract states that in order to graduate, students can’t have more than 8 absences, excluding excused absences, and no more than 15 tardies combined from all classes. Yet, students still had lingering concerns

Senior Alexa Pascual expressed that the tardy system and absences policy seems a bit “unfair” because, in certain situations, students who are involved in school organizations or activities, such as sports, fail to have their absences excused. Or, seniors must be absent in order to take care of certain responsibilities concerning the college admissions process and it is not excused. “The system seems legitimate, however there are idiosyncrasies that must be fixed,” she said.

Another point of contention is the way absences are counted against students. “After reviewing the senior contract, I noticed that full day absences and class absences are being qualified as individual absences used against each student,” senior Keily Giron said. It seems unfair to her that absences for one class counts as an absence for all six period if it doesn’t get excused.

The class of 2018 had the worst record attendance of all the grades in the school year of 2016-2017 so it is likely that the administration will continue getting pushback when addressing this part of the senior contract.

Still, the administration remains firm about enforcing attendance.  Lopez says that the attendance policy is fair because, “students themselves can control if they graduate.” He said the attendance policy allows the students to have some room for mistakes but at the end of the day it is up to the students if they choose to attend class or not. Furthermore, if students do need help attending class, Lopez says, “there is always help at Uni.”

Lopez confirmed that the appeals process remains in tact. The purpose of the appeals process is for students to be able to justify their unexcused tardies and absences to a committee of teachers and administrators. The appeals take place during the end of second semester but right now there is no set date.

All that can be decided now is if the students are going to abide by the senior contract and sign it by Sept. 29. If they do not sign the senior contract the students will not be able to graduate.

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Senior Contract: What is Going On?