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Spiderman: Homecoming Review

Akila Mckenzie, Staff Writer

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“Spider-Man: Homecoming”, which premiered July 7 stars Tom Holland. The movie focuses on 15-year-old Peter Parker as he tries to prove that he can work alongside the Avengers and introduces him to the story’s main villain, The Vulture (Michael Keaton). Tom Holland does an excellent job as both Parker and SpiderMan; his background in gymnastics makes many of the stunts not only look authentic but also believable. Holland’s Parker is geeky and lovable; he excellently plays a Spider-Man who is eager to please his role model and a Peter Parker who is eager to gain the attention of Liz Allan (Laura Harrier), his love interest. Zendaya and Jacob Batalon were hilarious as Parker’s friends, Michelle and Ned respectively. Overall, the movie was funny and action packed. Look for “SpiderMan: Homecoming” on DVD or Blu-ray on Oct. 17.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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Spiderman: Homecoming Review