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Allegations of misconduct exposes powerful men

Samantha Morales, Staff Editor

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The New York Times released an article in October that contained the story of dozens of women who were all mistreated by big time movie producer and film executive Harvey Weinstein. They accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct, harassment, and rape. Shortly after the article was released, Weinstein was fired from his company, and more allegations rolled in.

Since October, dozens of powerful men in Hollywood have been accused of acting inappropriately towards co-workers. Actor Kevin Spacey was accused by a former co-worker Anthony Rapp of trying to assault him when he was only 14; Spacey was 26 at the time. In the past month, Directors James Toback, Brett Ratner, and Oliver Stone have all been accused in the past months of sexual misconduct and harassment from women they have worked with. Weinstein has been accused of harassing women since the 80s, but no one has paid attention to the allegations until now. The victims who have spoken up in the past were pushed away by the media. The number of times these powerful men have been accused makes one wonder how it affects their career. Weinstein was fired, Spacey was removed from an upcoming movie and fired from his Netflix show, but the alleged offenders have yet to face consequences.

Director James Toback and Producer Brett Ratner, who have been accused of mistreating women for years, continue to work in the entertainment industry. This is an ever present problem within the industry and other usually male dominated workplaces like politics. Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore was accused of harassment and continues to run for senate. Bill Clinton was accused of harassment during his presidential run and first term. Even our current President Donald Trump has been accused by more than 10 women of sexual harassment, but morality clauses, not included in contracts like Spacey’s, will allow him to keep his job. The money and power Roy Moore owns will allow him to brush off the allegations, and pay off lawyers to cover it up, which will allow him to keep running.

The misconduct in this industry, politics, and life is an ongoing and recurring cycle. Men in powerful positions are often the perpetrators of sexual violence. We have to put an end to workplace misconduct and stop allowing predators to hold power. Our indifference to sexual violence and allegations without investigations will further the cycle of men being accused, but never facing consequences.

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Allegations of misconduct exposes powerful men