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The note-worthy “Not so late show” entertains students

Keyond Brown, Photo Editor

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It is safe to say that everyone enjoys music. With the help of the new performing arts & keyboard teacher, Micah Byers, students can share their interest in expressing their love for music in his classes.

Byers, 24, grew up in Fresno, California and was hired at the beginning of this year to take over for former keyboard teacher, Art Shane when he retired. He attended Fresno City College and then transferred to CSUN. He got his Bachelor’s degree of music in film scoring and joined an after school program called Kidmunity.

As an instructor in kidmunity, he was introduced to teaching music. After he graduated from CSUN he went into a credential program, and soon after, he was fortunate enough to receive a job opportunity here.Every Friday, Byers hosts a show in his class called the “Not So Late Show”,which consists of musicians from around the world.

“I put the word out to people I know who are working professionals and asked them if they would like to perform and educate students about music,” Byers said. “I also ask people I meet at events the same exact question.”

Byers continues to host this show because he feels that its impact is inspiring. “ I would like students to experience live music from all cultures,” Byers said. “I had to learn from many outside perspectives from guests and maybe I can inspire young students to do the same.”

And it does seem to inspire young musicians to become more open to musical forms they are normally not used to hearing.“I love the show. Honestly it has widened my perspective and I found out that I actually do enjoy classical music. Who knew?” senior Rashon Crutcher said.

The “Not So Late Show” seems to be widening students’ perspectives of the music industry by teaching how recording and composing music works. He plans to continue this event every Friday until the end of semester in his class, Rm  #? So far, students are loving it.

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The note-worthy “Not so late show” entertains students