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How to celebrate the holidays single

Amy Oh, Features Editor

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The holiday season is near: lights are twinkling, front yards are decorated with Santa inflatables and your local radio station is having a Christmas carol marathon. Nevertheless, you’re single. It seems so much harder during the holidays to deal with couples gifting each other cringey presents and locking arms to keep one another warm than it already is.


To reassure you, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 110.6 million Americans, or 45.2 percent of the population were single in 2016. If you’re single this holiday season, you’re most definitely not alone. To all of those who are currently dreading the holidays because you don’t have anyone to spend it with, follow these tips and make the most out of your singleness.


  1. Treat Yo Self


You’re probably already stressing out about preparing gifts with a tight budget for your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, your pet; the list is endless. However, while other people might have their significant others added on to their lists, you will have a large amount of weight lifted off your shoulders.


Invest your time this December to treat yourself, like you would for someone you love. You can finally splurge on the item you’ve had in your shopping cart on Amazon for ages now or take advantage of the After Christmas and After New Years Sales all for yourself.


    2) Do an act of kindness

With so much tension in the world, there are greater things to worry about other than your single relationship status. The mass shootings, racial discriminations and overall social polarization have created division within our nation. In the midst of such disunity, acts of kindness are greatly appreciated especially during the holiday season.


You can volunteer at a local homeless shelter by donating clothes and/or making a meal. You can also pay a visit to the children’s hospital and help bring the holiday spirit, or go to a local nursing home, where you can chat with the elderly.


Instead of feeling bad for yourself for being single, you can feel empowered by bringing positivity into the world when it is most needed this holiday season.


    3) Enjoy your holiday food


Undeniably, the food is one of the best parts of the holidays. And not having a significant other just means that you won’t have to share any of the deliciousness. Make sure you have your eggnog, white chocolate cranberry fudge, caramel pecan tarts, peppermint stick ice cream and stuffing all prepared, in case you need your cravings to be satisfied. You can also cook or bake your own holiday food, by looking up simple and quick recipes on Pinterest. Enjoy all the high-calorie foods the most you can when it’s most acceptable.


For all the single people out there, do not fret! Although it may seem like everyone has someone to kiss under the mistletoe this holiday season, you are not alone (after all, almost half of the population is single.) Perhaps, you might meet your significant other next year; or perhaps, you may be reusing these tips. Regardless, single or not, happy holidays!


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How to celebrate the holidays single