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Girls softball is in it to win

Mayra Lopez, Sports Editor

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The girls softball team came home as Division 4 champions last season and hope to do it again. So far they’ve had a tough season with a 6-5 overall record, but being 0-3 in league, the girls hope to turn this season around soon. In pre-season, the girls were on fire beating teams including West Adams, Northridge Academy, Van Nuys, St. Bernard (twice) and Sotomayor. Sadly, when season came around they lost to Laces, Hamilton, and Venice. Now they are in a bit of a slump, but are still fighting to prove themselves.

“We can beat any team if we really tried because we are good. But we don’t believe in ourselves enough,” said senior catcher Bertha Lopez.

“We just beat ourselves up when we make mistakes during the game and that is a problem. But I still have confidence in my team and I know we’re a team on the rise,” continued Lopez.

Despite having the odds stacked against them, Coach Jason Tillet and the captains continue to push through and motivate the girls to persevere. It is obvious that many of these girls pour their hearts and souls into the game, and the losses hurt them and their teammates equally. But this hurt should only fuel their passion and determination to succeed. Frustration and mistakes are all part of the game. What matters is how you act and carry yourself after. This shows what kind of team they truly are.

“We already believe in each other, we just need to believe in ourselves,” said senior captain Britney Darling.

The toughest part of any sport is keeping a strong and calm mentality. When players begin to feel the pressure, their performance suffers, and building mental strength is vital to playing to your fullest potential.

“Our  toughest  competitors were definitely Venice and Hamilton,” continued Darling.

“The issue is that when one person gets down, everyone feeds off that negativity and  begins to get frustrated. We need to learn to brush things off, and move on to the next play. We forget that this is for fun and we enjoy the game and the company of our teammates, we just put too much pressure on ourselves.”

On the other hand the JV girls have been doing really well this season with a solid 3-1 record. The girls have gotten themselves out of numerous sticky situations.

“Each game starts off a little tough, it takes us a while to find our footing,” said senior pitcher Angelica Martinez. “But after the first inning we come back with a momentum that sticks with us until the end of the game.”

If they continue with the same hard work and enthusiasm they may be able to get a banner this season, this would be the first time in Uni JV Softball history.

Unfortunately this is also the season of injuries. Senior Bertha Lopez sprained her ankle during the very first game, and was out for a month. When Lopez finally returned earlier this week for a game against Fairfax, four more players sustained injuries. Luckily only one was major. Belen Ferra hurt her leg, details unknown, and won’t be returning for the rest of the season.

The grls could really use some  motivation not just from their teammates but also from classmates. Be sure to wish them luck in next weeks games against Palisades and L.A.C.E.S.!

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Girls softball is in it to win