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Track runs into the new season

Senior Noah Nathan takes the lead against Hamilton high school during the 100 meter run on April 5.

Senior Noah Nathan takes the lead against Hamilton high school during the 100 meter run on April 5.

Ammy Alvarado

Ammy Alvarado

Senior Noah Nathan takes the lead against Hamilton high school during the 100 meter run on April 5.

Sam Glover, Staff Writer

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One of the largest teams at Uni prepares for another season.  The track team trains for a new year filled with incoming players and incumbent veterans, each wanting to make a positive impact on the team.

This year however the track team does not have the same number of runners it has had in years past.  This forces each individual to commit more to the team.

“We want to make sure that each player takes the team seriously, shows up to practice and really works to improve each day,” says senior captain Claire Hafteck. “Though it may seem serious, a smaller team actually creates a more familiar environment. We are more like a family this year than in years past.”

The team emphasizes encouraging and bonding with teammates, so as to build a constructive team.

While a few players went to city finals last year, none went to state. This year, the team wants to change that, concentrating on individual improvement.

“I want to do well, and focus on breaking my personal record,” says senior shot putter Francesca Cojuangco. Though the team is emphasizing personal improvement, they also have rigorous training that helps prepare them for the upcoming season as a team. To become better overall players, every athete regardless of the event they participate in, practices the mile run and a wide variety of drills.

That aspect of the track team has become beneficial for many athletes who participate in other sports during the fall semester. “I want to improve on my speed, stamina, strength and mobility so I can play football in college,” says senior Trevor King. For many players, track is a way to improve on their conditioning when they play in the fall.

In the first meet of the season against LACES and West Adams, Uni performed very well,  finishing 1st in multiple events. Since it was the first meet, it allowed players to get the nerves out of their systems, and apply what they have been practicing and training for the past few months. This excellent start motivates them in practice as they face more formidable opponents such as Hamilton and Palisades. Each meet provides an opportunity to showcase a runner’s skill and rehearse performing in front of a crowd, which will come in handy as they hope to make it to state.

Uni has its next meet April 19th, against Palisades and Fairfax.

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Track runs into the new season