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3 ways to celebrate Earth Day on campus

Donna Hakimbaba, Staff Writer

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Earth Day is coming up next week on April 22nd, and it’s time to raise awareness about issues of pollution and global warming. Here are three fun ways to contribute by taking care of Uni’s campus:

  1. Go to the Health and Fitness Fair – On Wed. Apr. 25. Ms. Eich will be hosting booths in the East Gym that focus on ways to be eco-friendly. One booth will give away sets of metal utensils that students can reuse to reduce waste. Ms. Eich will also be handing out step-by-step guides on how to make organic household cleaners that reduce pollution and harmful chemicals in the atmosphere. The fair will last from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.
  2. Join the Environmental Club – This club meets every Thursday in Room 285, and focuses on fun and innovative ways to take care of the campus. Members organize campus cleanups and also partner with Heal the Bay to participate in beach cleanups. They are currently raising money to take a club trip to Yosemite National Park. For more information, contact club leader Ms. Randick at [email protected]
  3. Be mindful! – If you see trash on the ground, throw it away; there’s a good chance that there’s a trash can near you. Pay attention to what can be recycled, and what should be thrown in the trash. There are many recycling bins around campus, and it’s important to make good use of them so that we can be good citizens of not only Uni, but the Earth.
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3 ways to celebrate Earth Day on campus