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We, the Wildcat staff, are proud to bring to you the publications of the 2015-2016 school year.
This year, the Wildcat’s top priority is to produce a newspaper and an online website that better matches the interests of the school’s population. We plan to cover more controversial topics, with bolder headlines and brighter graphics.
We aspire to make the Wildcat a space to celebrate student achievements and to challenge injustices inflicted upon the student body.
For this school year, we promise to cover issues that reflect a greater diversity of interests and demographics reflected across our campus. This includes more people, more grade levels and more organizations.
When possible, the Wildcat will also aim to localize world news. We strive to educate the student body about international events, in addition to school news, to keep our student body informed about public affairs.
We are committed to improving the overall quality of our content by reporting on issues pertaining to the student body.
Most importantly, we will always strive to provide factually correct information. It is imperative to our journalistic integrity that we are dependable and unbiased in our news.

Our newspaper is a public forum. As a high school public forum, all writers published are protected under California Education Code 48907. This grants our student body a place for uncensored expression, so long as our content is truthful, appropriate and libel-free.
Students are encouraged to let their voices be heard. This includes submitting pieces to the newspaper, sending in letters to the editor or just letting us know what you think.
Our staff will strive to produce the most valuable, accessible newspaper and online website for our student body. In return, we ask you set aside time to remain informed on your campus’ news by delving into our print regularly.

the Wildcat staff

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